Musiplication is music for kids that makes multiplication fun. And it sounds so good even parents want to keep it on repeat.

The album teaches the times tables 2-10 via funk-and-soul-influenced hip hop grooves fortified with plenty of old-school flavor. 

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Hit single 5 on 5 reached the #1 spot at the top of the Sirius XM Kids 13 Under 13 countdown chart, spending a total of 4 months in the Top 13. The week that "5 on 5" made #1, it beat out tracks by The Roots, Medeski Martin & Wood, and the Madagascar soundtrack that also appeared in the same 13 Under 13 countdown.

"Teachers, parents, and children looking for multiplication practice that is effective as well as entertaining will be well served by this album." School Library Journal

"It's about as good an 'educational' CD as they come."Zooglobble





How it all got started:

The idea for Musiplication came to Kat while she was an AmeriCorps member serving kids K-12. The irony of her lifetime is that she always had a hard time with math, yet was suddenly put into the position of teaching math to her elementary students. 

Now in a karmic completion of sorts, she wanted to find a way to make math fun for her students, so they could have a better time of it than she had. Musiplication came out of the quite obvious observation that since kids memorize the lyrics to songs all the time, then certainly they could memorize the lyrics to songs that would help them learn math. Voila! Musiplication was born.

All the funky beats for Musiplication were created by Batsauce. Batsauce is a prolific producer of homemade funk, soul and hip hop. He spent 9 years as an elementary teacher and agrees that numbers can pack the trunk with funk. He travels the world spreading music and good vibes with his multi-talented songstress & graphic designer wife, Lady Daisey.

All the illustrations for Musiplication were done by the talented Chad Crowe. Chad's illustrations have appeared in newspapers and magazines across the country, and his gut-busting jokes have caused hysterical laughter and spontaneous sunshine in the otherwise rainy region known as the Pacific Northwest.

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