Why do people love it?

• it's hecka good music

• it helps their kids learn their times tables

• it makes their kids smile about math (as opposed to kicking and screaming)

• because it's the most fun they've ever had with multiplication


What do people say about it?

"We love it! We get a lot of CDs trying to do what this one does so naturally!"
— Mindy Thomas, XM Kids Radio


 "Your CD is AWESOME!! I’m a homeschooling mom of my last kid home — 7 yr. old, 2nd grade. She is having to learn to count by all the different numbers (2’s, 4’s, 6’s etc.) — I was just thinking to myself 'If I could only find a CD with the multiplication tables on it, with a good groove….' Boom! Turned on XM radio and heard you and your songs. Bingo! Me, my 7 yr. old AND my 13 yr. old son were all rockin’ around the kitchen! Thanks so much for putting this together!"
— Shannon


"Our daughter attends a private school — several of the kids in her class have had a very difficult time learning their multiplication tables — we have given copies to them and to the math teacher,  who loved it and — we are hoping will integrate the CD into the classroom."
— Kathryn


"Thanks again for sending over Musiplication to FUN radio in the UK. We've now playlisted the entire album and are really very excited about it. Whilst, we get sent this kind of content all the time, it's never of this standard."
— Amy Racs, FUN Radio in the U.K.


"We heard the song "5 on 5" on XM kids and I just couldn't resist the old skool beat and Kat's smooth delivery. As the song plays, I look over and see my 3 and 5 year old daughters are feeling the groove too, so this is a must have for our collection. Hip hop + education with a positive vibe. KRS One would be so proud. You have three new fans in Chicago and we look forward to hearing more good music from you soon."
— Michael


"The idea and the execution is brilliant! I will buy it for my nephew so he could study english and multiply and music all together."
— Lior, Israel


"Thank you for the most awesome music a dad could share with his daughter. My daughter and I LOVE your music.  Thank you for sharing your talent!!!"
— Copper


"It's the best math Hip-Hop LP out right now. Lots of others are just misleading energies, or the music over rides the learning emphasis. Plus, the emcee on "Musiplication" has GREAT concept style!!"
—Danté aka Likewhyz Touché


"We listen to Kidstuff Radio on Sirius in the mornings when I drop my son off at school and right after I dropped him the other day I heard your song 5 on 5. I just LOVED IT!!"


"What does it mean when you’re 33, have no kids, and find yourself rocking out to multiplication tables? Seriously, I think it’s great and I don’t even have kids."
— Chad


"My second daughter is in 4th grade & due to a crazy year fell through the huge crack of learning multiplication. I've been working a bunch with her this fall & now that we have your CD, I've been having her listen to it as she goes to sleep (and playing it sometimes while she's asleep).  She is getting so much better! Thanks for making a fun product that the kids like...and will benefit greatly from!"


"A friend heard your album on the radio here in Seattle the other night and tipped me off as my 5-year-old loves math and music.  I downloaded some songs for him tonight and he is just delighted.  What a fun, hip way to present math!"
— Leslie


If you're a parent, teacher, homeschooler, private tutor, coordinator of an afterschool or math enrichment program, recovering mathphobe, or a kid tasked with learning the times tables, then Musiplication is for you. Get your copy today.