Musiplication has gotten some pretty sweet reviews.

 ...Not just from the actual parents, teachers and kids who use it, but from people whose job it is to listen to tons of music and find the good stuff. Here's what the professionals had to say:


 "...Each number receives a unique musical treatment featuring a catchy beat and engaging rhymes that will help listeners remember the math facts. Teachers, parents, and children looking for multiplication practice that is effective as well as entertaining will be well served by this album."

School Library Journal

"...Each times table is presented as a story of sorts — giving each multiple of 6, for example, a distinct family personality type in "6 Family Reunion" or crazy stories in "7's Tall Tales."... Second, Vellos' words are underlaid with some laid-back beats courtesy of the producer Batsauce. Layered with old-school funk and soul, it gives the whole CD a deliciously organic feel. ... It's about as good an "educational" CD as they come.", website covering kids and family music news and reviews



"Smooooooth math lessons via hip hop. ... If you like production from the "dusty ol' record" school, or you like Digable Planets and Arrested Development, this disc is definitely for you and yours. ..."

Kids Music That Rocks, website reviewing and featuring music for kids that doesn't make adults want to rip their hair out.







"Alumna’s funk- and soul-influenced album teaches kids math and gets wide airplay… Vellos hears from parents and teachers all over the world. "Her songs have been played on the radio in London, teachers have begun using the CD in classes, and she gets e-mail from as far away as Israel...."

— Brian Thompson, Flagler College Magazine





it’s music that both parents and kids can nod their heads to. ..."
High Gloss is “For Little Ones That Floss”, created by mom and former graffiti artist







Musiplication also made KBCS 91.3's lists for both Notable Northwest Recordings and Notable Hip Hop Recordings in 2008.

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